Sunday, March 27, 2016

Inspiration On The Trail

Took a hike out on the trail today and I met a woman who was on her mountain bike with her dog leading the way. She was resting for a few minutes off to the side catching her breath and I said hello. Her dog was super cute and friendly. We had a small conversation about how long she had been biking and how difficult this trial was. She said that she has rode the trail many times but is out of shape right now and has to work her way up to it. Her goal by mid summer time is to be able to do the trail loop in about 45 minutes compared to and hour and a half of what she estimated it would take her today. I was so impressed, she kicks butt. It takes me 45 minutes to walk to the top and back down, lol!

I remembered the day me and my son went out on the trail to ride and we got just a few feet from the road and I had to turn back. I realized right away how out of shape I was and it was a super advanced trail. I had some anxiety about the narrow path and a few other things like getting a flat and not being prepared for what was ahead like rocks and big gigantic boulders, lol.  I am so inspired by this woman and how determined she is to work her way up to the level she wants to be and by her confidence of going and doing it alone. I thought how beautiful it is that we all have the ability to achieve greater fitness levels if we just work at it and put our minds to it. Last week I met a woman hiking on the trial and she asked how far I have gone and how often I hike here and I told her that I walk daily. She said it was her first time and she told me her goal was to hike Mount Whitney, wow!
Really cool that we all have goals. The key is to keep moving in the direction we want to go. I realize that I let fear stand in my way far too much and instead of continuing or finding a way. I stopped altogether and that doesn't do anything for me. Right now I am making the effort to hike as much as I can and hopefully I will get the courage up to try mountain biking again. It was a beautiful sunny morning and in spite of the wind, it was a great walk and saw many hikers out. The clouds were beautiful!! A great start to my day off. Some great lessons learned today as well.

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