Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Teaching crochet

I taught a friend to crochet the other night.
She makes the most beautiful jewelry and is wanting to expand on her skills to incorporate some crochet into her work. Never thought of myself to be much of a teacher but it was fun. I'm so happy to have met up with her tonight to see the progress she has made and has already created 2 necklaces for herself. I was fortunate to learn from my grandmother. This is one of the things I remember most as a small child visiting her we sat on the couch and would crochet all day together. Good memories. I haven't crocheted for a long time and so it felt a little awkward at first to pick up the needle again because its been so long but it comes right back easily. Just feeling a little older I guess my joints don't feel like they use to, lol. By working with her on this I have realized how much I miss crocheting and may just make a few things myself soon. Here is what I made for her to start with(pictured), a practice piece. Looking forward to seeing what she creates with this one and where she goes with it. I'm pretty impressed how quickly she picked up on it. Makes me happy that I can help. She will be opening up an etsy shop soon and I will publish the link for you to check out her work when it's up and running.

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