Saturday, December 5, 2009

Crochet Ear Flap Hat

I worked a little more on a custom bag that I am making for someone in Florida and took a break to make myself a warm hat. With Ear Flaps! It seems like so long since I have picked up a crochet hook: I forget how relaxing it is to do this type of repetitive work. My favorite color is eggplant: I looked for it, but couldn't find anything like that in Joann's so I settled for this Fig colored Wool-Ease brand yarn. I started to use a pattern that is free online but shifted it when I realized that it was really pointed on top - not really my preference. I used a basic cloche pattern for a more rounded top and then just continued making the ear flaps toward the end. I added a little of my own design by using some dark burgandy and hot pink and finished the edging and made the tassels and braids out of that. Looking at the original photograph of the model wearing the hat, it seems like my stitching came out lots larger. This may get better with practice; its been a long time! It may be that the yarn I used was much bigger too. I lined the inside with some black scrap fleece that I had left over from the socks that I made for family last year. This takes the itching away that the wool can cause and will make it way warmer. Its suppose to get really cold this weekend. At least my head will be warm;)!!! If you are interested in making a hat like this there are lots of free patterns online. This one is here at ~ It took about 2 hours to complete with the fleece liner

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