Monday, December 7, 2009

Scissor Sharpening ~ Useful Info

I wanted to share something that may be really helpful to some of you crafters out there. I use gingher scissors to cut all my leathers and fabrics. I like the quality and the price is nice. I can usually find a small pair for $20. Anyways, what am I getting at you are probably asking. Well, I have needed scissor sharpening forever !! and have been hunting for a sharpening and repair business in Reno. I did find someone the first time, but they went out of business and weren't available the second time I needed service. I have gone months frustrated because I have so many pairs now that are too dull and even though the price is nice, I'd rather not continue to buy a new pair every time I need them sharpened. I don't need 15 pairs of scissors!! On my way home from JoAnn's the other day after purchasing another pair, it dawned on me that Gingher probably has a warranty and their own sharpening service. I checked it out online, and was so happy to find that they do offer this!! Really cheap too. $7 a pair ( it has to be Gingher brand though) and it includes shipping. I am thrilled that I finally found a place to recondition my scissors and sharpen them "like new" and I don't have to buy another pair! I really thought this might be helpful to some of you. Visit their website here for more info or click on the photo above. Happy Cutting:)

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