Friday, December 4, 2009


We spent a couple of days at my in laws on their beautiful property for Thanksgiving. It was nice to slow down and take time off from work to just relax. It is very hard for me to slow down most to the time, so it is good to force myself to do this every now and then. It is times like this that I get to reflect on my life and the ones I love around me. I am so thankful to have such amazing children. They are growing so so fast. Here are a few pictures; one of me and my children; a deer wandering onto the lawn for a bite to eat and a photograph of a card that was hanging on the wall in the office. The words are beautiful and thought I would share it.

You may not understand just how much your life means to those around you ~
how our days are brighter because you are here and the sound of your laughter touches the hearts of everyone around you. Your presence adds something special and invaluable to the world. You bring joy to those who love you and a smile to everyone you meet.

Amazing isn't it.

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