Friday, January 2, 2009

New Cuffs

The power was out today for about 3 hours so that stirred up some excitement. Always does, not able to use the sewing machine or computer, if fact I was in the middle of uploading a new calendar to our new team blog when it happened. My work space(garage) has no windows so it was very dark. I tried candles but not enough light so I decided to do some reading and picked up my "Vein of Gold" book. One of these days I am going to really sit down and start doing all the work - its a fantastic book and I highly recommend it to all creative's, artists, writers, etc. So I was not able to get all that I wanted to get done today, but there is always tomorrow. I made 2 new cuffs and they are listed in my accessory shop. I will begin working on a bag tomorrow and also work on some more hearts.

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