Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Many Projects

I've been working on a red bag for Bunny B today, along with many other projects. I have my hands full with making graphics for our new team as well as working on some advertising and web work for a friend.

I met with Ashley and Bean yesterday for lunch at Flower Garden and it was delicious. I am defiantley going back for lunch again. We met about new team stuff for Etsy; getting details all figured out and making a mission statement, setting goals etc.. all that fun stuff. It is exciting to think about all the posibilites of networking with other artists from the area. Tomorrow I plan on getting more of this bag finished and also work on a few other things I haven't had time to do:) - hope it is nice weather again - today was beautiful and sunny- there was about 10 minutes I sat outside enjoying the warm weather. I am so ready for summer already!

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