Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feature In Clever Magazine

Happy New Year to all of you! I am happy to announce that I am featured in Clever magazine this month in the Editors Picks. This is a great local magazine featuring shopping in the area. If you would like to see a flash preview of the magazine you can see this months issue here

Here is the Editors Picks page. You can see my cuff tucked among the sunflower stoneware dishes. I have been working lots on the new blog for our local Reno group and have made quite a few graphics for everyone. Its so cool to hear from everyone interested in joining and so far we still have lots to figure out with the whole team thing. I am hearing we may change the name etc so everything is sort of up in the air right now - Will keep you posted with all that is happening with that as I know more about it.

Today I will be working on some red heart coin purses for the downtown LaBussola boutique. Perfect for Valentine's Day which will be here before you know it. Later this afternoon I will be working on a bag for BunnyB who is from Malaysia. She won my handbag giveaway a while back and now that the holiday has given me a little more time, I will be working on that for her. I want to thank her for being so patient and for all the nice e-mails that she has sent me since then. -- well, off to the cold cold garage to get busy working. Progress picks coming soon.

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Dawn VB said...

Your feature is great! Congratulations! Love you, Dawn


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