Friday, September 19, 2008

Quilted Bag

I started on a new project this morning. I decided to use this gray vinyl fabric I have that is really super soft. I am going to use my oversize slouch pattern from the last bag I made and do some quilting to the surface. I have backed a piece with some batting and have made lines with a silver pen for my sewing guides. I have started to stitch vertically in rows and will continue doing this to the front and back and also to the pockets that I plan on attaching to the outside. I may do away with the gusset on this one, I haven't decided yet. I will post more progress photos as things happen.

I went to the museum yesterday and was inspired by the art I saw, so much that I may actually start to make some mosaics again. I am so easily distracted and want to make everything!! I have a few projects that I have started and have never finished, but they are big tables. I think if I start with something small like a wall hanging I might be able to finish it. So that is a possibility. Just a thought right now. I love mosaics! I made mosaic kitchen trivits for everyone in the family one year and had a lot of fun. Problem is, I never made one for myself:( I never took photos either.

Here is a photo of one of my projects that is in progress. Its a little dusty. I am planning on making a wall hanging and I really should finish it. I am using misc. tiles, broken mirrors and glass for this one.
Like I mentioned before, there is something about these larger projects that are hard for me to finish. Maybe I get bored quickly? I haven't figured it out yet. This one is measures 19 x 32.

I did finish a mosaic checker board for our patio deck which has gotten lots of use. Here is a photo of it. Kind of a cool idea. I took a metal post and had it cut and threaded to the size I liked. It then screws into the base which can be removed in the winter if needed. You can also attach a longer post to make it a tall table if needed for playing while standing. Right now we have a smaller post on it so you can sit with pillows and play. I bought bags of the mixed glass marbles and we use those as the playing pieces.

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