Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Crochet - Baby Beanie Giveaway!



While going through my stash of yarn today I ran into this hat I made last year for a friend's little boy. It came out way too small for him and I don't know any other babies I could give it to. So I decided to post it and see if anyone would be interested in winning it in a giveaway. This would make a perfect gift and is great with the colder weather approaching. To enter leave me your name and comment and I will hold the drawing on September 30th.
Hat measurements
I am thinking that this hat will fit a baby somewhere between 3 - 6 months old but you may want to measure first as all babies are different.
7.75" across while laying flat
6" from lower rim to center of head
16.5 inch + extra stretch for the circumference
Crochet with 4 ply 100% cotton worsted weight yarn
. May shrink so you may want to hand wash in cool water with delicate soap and low heat or air dry.

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quitecontrary1977 said...

It's so cute and I happen to have a new nephew who'd be button cute in it!


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