Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crochet Messenger Bag

Yesterday was a day spent shopping, planning and preparing a nice birthday dinner for my daughter as well as a special cake, flowers from the garden and decorations. I was not able to get any work done but did get to share a special evening with family and celebrating with her. Late last night, I did some crochet on some granny squares I started for a messenger bag that I began making last winter. I am not sure if I will be selling the bag or keeping it for myself. I think I prefer to sew my bags out of fabric vs crocheting them. It is really time consuming to crochet and I don't do well to have to sit in one place for too long. I have been really wanting to learn to follow crochet patterns and thought this would be a good starter project for me.

Here is a photo of some progress pictures of the squares I am working on and a page from the pattern I am following in a book. I am using similar colors, only I decided to add black.
left to right; the squares I have been working on, close up of a single granny square, photograph of the pattern from the book.
If you are interested in this pattern, I found it in "Getting Started Crochet" by Judith L. Swartz. I was able to find this one at my local library but also bought one for my mother in law on for really cheap. There are a lot of really fun patterns in this book and they look great for beginners.

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