Friday, August 29, 2008

Teddy Bear Bouquet

Getting ready to go on a trail run, and thought I'd post a photo of this pretty Teddy Bear Sunflower bouquet that I picked this morning. Left more sunflower heads for the birds and saw a hummingbird but he was too quick for me to get a shot of him. If I get a photograph of him before the summer is over I will be so happy! I made a trip to SWalmart last night for school supplies and decided to get my needles while I was there, little did I know that the shelves have been stripped clean of everything literally because of Burning Man this weekend. I will make it to Burning Man one of these years!! It has never fit into my schedule just yet and with kids, it's a little more difficult. Our friend and photographer Geoffery Nelson goes every year and shoots people in costume with a photo studio on wheels. His website is My husband is a sponsor for Tribe Of Artists and helped him to make his showing at the Nevada Museum of Art last year possible. Lots of fun!! Today is more collage work. I am looking forward to getting it completed, hopefully by tomorrow:)

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