Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Progress on Collage

Another progress photo. I still have lots more to do, in fact I can't find a single needle anywhere.. strange, so off to Joann's I go. I used photographs of my children for these, they fought me the entire time and hated every minute of it. Oh well, they are over it by now. It's nice to be able to get resource so close to home without having to search and search for the right photo. I will be doing some embroidery work and some hand sewing now and adding little details. I still need to stitch and paint the boys hair. So far I just have fused dryer sheets down. Everything in this collage is fused to the background and will be stitched as well so that everything is nice and secure. The edges are going to naturally fray, I like that look. It is part of the quality I like in collage. Its still coming along nicely. I used variegated thread for the leaves on the tree and love how it looks. To be honest I thought that I was going to give it all up the minute I realized I could not draw the faces. So I learned something new from it. It's hard to imagine what this will look like as a bag, but I did do something similar to it here with fused fabrics and stitching.

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