Thursday, July 17, 2008

Creapy Critters

More work today, this time on my website. I couldn't figure out why in Dreamweaver I could not view my code and design, it's been like this for the longest time. Its hard for me to work on code, I am not much of a code person but I am learning a bit. I need visual as well so I decided to recreate my home page and also made a page to view all my sold items in one glance and even made them each link to etsy for pictures. This is acting as a mini portfolio for me because I think it is important that I can show my work without making it to complicated for the shopper and I think that this will be a tremendous help for my customers. I also went though and grabbed more recent etsy minis for my site as well and had to adjust some old pricing so my site reflects the current ones. After working on that all day I decided to go spend some time outside and while I was watering the garden, I found this beautiful scorpion 3 " just at my feet. I wear flip flops all day and this thing was fast and, whoa watch out!!. He scurried up the side of the planter box and I captured into a jar and took it onto the neighbors patio for some portraits:) He wasn't too happy, he had webs stuck all over him and he kept flicking its tail up in defense. Last summer my husband fell asleep on the floor in front of the tv and was awoken by a tickle on his arm. He brushed something off and turned on the lights and found a 1.5 inch scorpion on the floor..Oh thats too creepy,..We do live in Nevada and we ARE in the desert. I had a black widow handing from my bedroom ceiling once.. and a 4 inch centipede in my sons shoe right off the kitchen. No bug spray here. I don't do pesticides so I get to experience all the critters. Oh yes! About a week ago I saw a small fence lizard jump down and capture a black widow in its mouth and run off with it! Crazy! He is my best friend now. Natural insect control:) We even had a baby rattler in the back yard that my son discovered. Nice!!!! I miss many things about San Diego.

I have a new handbags to list tomorrow. Yay!!

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