Friday, July 18, 2008


I am happy to announce the completion of another bag. :)
Now its time to think about my next project. I drew out a sketch the other night with circles of different layered fabrics and had the idea of machine quilting it to make lots of texture and interest. I am going to start thinking about doing fall colors soon which I hear black is really going to be in. Am I wrong, Please correct me if I am? I don't really keep up with the trends or whats in ; I just do what I like. But I do think I remember reading that black is a biggy this fall. I always like black anyways. The only problem with black is I only get itty bitty pieces of scrap black, probably because it is so popular and most of the hide is used in production so if I do anything with black leather I will be doing a lot of piecing... My favorite!

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