Monday, June 9, 2008

Peavine walk

With everything else that is going on right now, I have a quilt group get together tomorrow night and I haven't started on my challenge. Bad girl! So today I am going to put something together. The challenge is warm and cool colors. We'll see where that takes me:)
I took a few pics on my walk yesterday of Peavine Mountain and all the wildflowers I saw
along the way. You can see the snow on Mt Rose still. The walk is so nice. I love the desert flowers. I don't remember there ever being this many of them up there before.

Looks so dry doesn't it? I love living so close to so many places to hike.

This morning on my way back from the ranch in Verdi
I saw some peacocks on a roof. They are so pretty. Maybe I will get some better pictures of them in the weeks to come that I can share.

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