Monday, June 9, 2008

Garden Talk

Just took a look in the garden and things are finally starting to show growth. The cold weather has confused things around here. I discovered that my foxgloves are blooming and the red hot poker I planted from seed has 5 shoots on it. I wasn't aware that the flowers on the stalk are singular flowers. I took a close up of a couple of them. The sunflower seeds I planted are looking good. Its hard to imagine that they will be 4-6 ft tall in July! They are so small. In the meantime my delphiniums starting to bloom and the hollyhocks I planted last year from seed are going to bloom. I planted black and maroon hollyhocks. I was excited about the black ones because it is not something you see everyday and I thought they would look good dried for the fall. Well back to work. Time for my quilt challenge. This is going to be a mini one.

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