Sunday, May 4, 2008

Progress on the bag that I started last night.
Its raining outside I cant believe it. Its rare that we get rain.
The weather was nice today, a little on the cloudy side but it allowed me to get things picked up outside and did a little weeding.

I finished installing a new retractable clothes line outside under our patio deck. I decided that as the temperatures are increasing, that I would see how much energy I could save by hanging a lot of the laundry outside.
I am so amazed at how much we spend in electrical each month.
It doesn't seem right to be paying that much. I have even had an energy efficient service come in and give us tips and check out all the appliances and it still is high. So I decided to give this a try for the summer and see what happens to the bill. I'd love to be spending that money on other things.

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