Saturday, May 3, 2008


I had this weird burst of energy this afternoon and started to create a bag with these colors. I will be digging into one of my scrap bins for strips of black leather to accent this piece.
These photos don't show the true colors. I will have better pictures as it progresses and it is finished. I forget how much fun it is to just piece a bag together with my smaller scraps. I get the chance to be more creative this way.

Oh yes, I did finally get the custom folio finished. Wow ! That was a job!! I dont have an industrial sewing machine, I do everything with my singer and I work it hard!!! Its been through so much. I created this for another Etsy seller who wanted a special gift for her husband. It was made specifically with certain functions in mind and by the time I started sewing all the layers of leather together I realized that I was taking on a big job. I am so glad that I didnt run into problems, because I am not sure I could repeat the whole process again.
I know this is easier said. I find myself taking on challenges all the time. I learned so much doing this project so it was definately a very good thing.

Saw Iron Man today. What a great movie that was. Dropped my husband off at a concert. Rush is playing tonight. I know it sounds funny, I dropped I'm off, but he had the last minute opportunity to purchase sold out tickets. 12th row. So I don't really mind. I am happy he gets to see a band that was his favorite as a teenager.

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Bean said...

I can't wait to see the finished bag! Love the colors, they remind me of Belgium's flag ;)


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