Saturday, February 23, 2008

More projects

Here is an artist wrap for a that I listed on etsy. I Love Espresso Brown. It is so soft and perfect for keeping supplies all neat and organized. I dont even own a nice case like this. That is typical with me, although I am still working on making myself nice things.

My pencils are all over the place and I can never find the ones I want when I need them. I think that they deserve a nice wrap like this.
I also completed a large shoulder bag.
I love how roomy this one is. The colors are great too. I took some heavy duty gray suede like material and used the contrasting fabric to weave it through slits I made in the fabric and secured them with rivets.

A couple of links to shops that I like on Etsy
I found a really nice seller for earrings on Etsy. It is Lilikoi Design.
She makes some very pretty and unique items. Love em!

I did buy myself a nice pincushion from Coyote Craft.
She uses some really great fabrics.

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Bean said...

I love the tool roll, and thanks for the link! Let me know what your favorite dessert / baked goods are, you know I love baking!! :)


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