Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eyelet Top Tote Completion

Here it is, and I love how it came out although you know that everything that goes through the first creation phase gets reworked and perfected. There are things that I would do different next time and thats the way it goes. Certain things I saw in my mind didn't do what I thought they would.

Its so fun to actually work from a sketch and make up my own patterns. It just gives me so much more confidence to do other things. I am not afraid to explore things that would normally look too difficult and I like to just kind of go with things without any real extensive planning. I just go with things as they happen and it pretty much always works out the way I expected. But not always. I want to do this same type of bag but in a darker color maybe and weave some leather in and out of slits instead of putting in the eyelets.

I love the eyelets, but I am bored already and need to try something different. Its so interesting that I constantly feel the urge to do something new. I don't like to repeat things. Its like a race to see how many different designs I can come up with. I don't know why , but I just do it because it feels right.

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