Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eyelet Top Tote Progress

I have been using my sketchbook a lot! and I have repeatedly drawn the same style bag in my book. It was about time to see it come to life. I started working on it yesterday and it should be finished today. Here are a few progress shots although they aren't that big but you can see the colors. The pictures really just show the circles I drew and then cutting out the holes for the eyelets. This part is so time consuming. There are 15 eyelets on this bag. They are my new favorite tool to work with. I am going to add silver chain and toggle claps to close the top. There are 6 inside pockets. 2 larger ones and 4 smaller and more vertical ones. I will post today when it is done after the many errands I have to run.

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Bean said...

Pam - thanks for the comments, I hope you're doing well!! I'm thinking about setting up a craft night with another Etsy girl, e-mail me if you're interested, too! <3 Bean


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