Monday, February 25, 2008

The Artist In Me

I get so absorbed in the day to day projects, I forget about the artist in me and need mix things up a bit and explore. I decided to work on something fun after a client of mine inspired me to do something music related. I have been drawing a lot more and this is one of the pencil sketches I decided to bring to life. It is coming out so beautiful. I really think that this is a great style and I want to continue with more of this technique. This actually is a painting of a young girl who is a musician. I am not sure which instrument it is as it came out sort of abstract but i was thinking more of a violin.
The base fabric is vinyl and was fused with dyed material and then painted with fabric paints and machine stitched with yellow and black threads bringing out the detail and texture in her hair and eyes. Details were then added with permanent markers. I am currently working on the bag construction which is very exciting! I cant wait to post the finished piece.


Bean said...

wow, I love it! It screams "music is my heart" :)

Chemical Robotiks said...

i love this painting


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