Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Leather Bags

I finished this new bag recently. I am very proud of this new style and design. I am currently working on another one in red, black and gray. Hope that it will come out as nice as this one did. I have multiple colors lined up in the same style. Will also be working on more small zipper coin purses with the same design elements.

Saw this cool butterfly this morning on my honeysuckle vines so I just had to get it's photograph. So gorgeous! Its fun to see these guys dancing in air together. Saw 3 of them all together on the patio the other day.

Back to work. I've got lots of sewing to do!

1 comment:

Bean said...

love the new bag, pam! Those giant yellow butterflies are awesome, aren't they? They've been fluttering around our backyard, too :)


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