Monday, February 23, 2009

Inspiration From blackeyedsuzie

Just when I think that I am doing what I love, I am reminded that I do have other interests and the inspiration that I can get from others just is amazing! I get so emotional when it comes to this. I have so many art interests and I am not allowing myself to really explore them all. I may have mentioned at one time that I like to illustrate children's books and work with clay. I worked for the school district for awhile with small children and became attached to a little girl that I worked with on a daily basis. I created a character of her and started to draw nightly sketches of other characters that I wanted to bring to life.

Here is the start of one piece that I will finish soon. The characters name is Hannah and she is riding her bike down a dirt path with grass on either sides filled with flowers that I make later. The bike is sculpted in wire and paper mache and will have a basket on the front with a kitty inside. I made a mold of her face for others like her in the future. ~ Why am I sharing this?

Well, I ran into this weeks featured artist on Etsy this morning and I was so touched and inspired by her work that I wanted to share it with you and it also brought me back to my unfinished project which I am now going to get working on again. I am once again motivated! Thanks to this amazing artist who is doing what she loves! Please visit this link to watch the amazing video and visit her site to see more of her work.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of her interview and watch the video. Amazing!!!! Very inspirational!

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