Friday, October 10, 2008

Its Snowing!!!! :)

I woke up to snow this morning!! It started as a light dusting and now its coming down pretty good. We never see much accumulation here but its still fun. Gotta go out and run some errands before taking off over the mountain for a birthday party. I bet it will be a pretty drive. I love the Sierras in the winter. I will be crocheting hats all weekend. getting ready for the colder weather. (Photo of snow is taken off my balcony looking down at the now sleeping garden)

My kitchen counter top is loaded with tomatoes that I saved yesterday. We are suppose to get a really hard freeze tonight. I think that most of them will turn red on the vine. Tomatoes in the winter:0 - How cool would that be!

If they don't turn red I have no idea what to do with them! I am not sure I am into green tomatoes.


Bunny B said...

Snow?! How lovely! I love snow :)

Anonymous said...

Make some green tomato chutney with the green tomatoes - it's lovely with cheese.



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