Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lots of Work!

I have been busy today with the final touches of my display. I found this small iron basket which is the perfect size for the table, not too big and filled it with all my business cards and artist bio handouts. I have about 60 keychains made so far, all of them are made from leather scraps and upholstery with small flowers and hearts and decorated with rivets and eyelets. I think I am just about finished. All I need to do now is finish some hand sewing on one of the bags and then mail them off by tomorrow morning. And just when I thought was finished, I am reminded of another event that I need to get ready for. Wow, I am going to need a break after all of this:) I am excited about it though, its good exposure for me and they are both very good causes. The event I am participating in next month is for a "not so silent " auction. The school is called "A Childs Voice" What they do is help children who are profoundly deaf and hearing-impaired optimize their listening, speech, language, academic skills and their self-confidence so that they can be successful in a mainstream educational setting and society in general and this is an annual event and this year they just happen to be auctioning off handbags, so its perfect for me. It feels good to be helping out where I can, especially for children - and get some nice exposure:)

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