Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy Day

Busy again. I will be working on a new design today going off of this rough sketch. Probably a red toned bag.

I have lots of keychain/business cards thingys to make by tomorrow for the event I am participating in next month.
I am not sure how many I need but I am planning on making about 60 or so. Thats a lot of printing, cutting, sewing, punching, and stringing. But they are so cute when they are done, so its worth all the effort. I love giving these out instead of just a plain business card. They are so much more personal. I also have a school function to attend tonight and my quilting group meeting. * Breath * It will all work out! right. There is so much going on right now.

I uploaded a few new pictures from the garden this morning onto my flickr album using my husbands camera. Its so much better than mine.

I listed a watercolor yesterday. Its from a photograph I took at the Balloon Races a couple years ago standing inside the balloon while they were filling it with air, looking at the shadows of the people from the other side while the sun is rising. Its not my best. There was a lot of detail in this picture which made it difficult.
I need lots more practice..if I only had more time:)

The Races are going to be here in September and I am looking forward to it. Every year we go, sometimes all 4 days. My husband will be the designer again for this years poster. He was the designer/photographer for 2004's Race poster. We don't make any money from it. Its all a donation for the event . Its the most amazing event I have ever been to. Getting up at 4am to see the dawn patrol is so incredible. I will be sure to post some pictures of the event when it happens although you can always find photos on our website Renostock.com
Put in keywords - Balloon Races

To read more about the event go to The Great Reno Balloon Race website

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