Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fabric Collage for "Child's Voice"

Had another nice hike this morning and did a little trail running before it got too hot and picked some strawflowers in the garden. I am building up a collection of them so I can make some nice wreaths out of them for gifts this fall and winter.

On a creative note, I started the bag that I am donating for "The Child's Voice" auction/benefit. I had this idea to make a collage handbag with a specific theme in mind as you will begin to see later. First thing that I am doing is creating the background which consists of a piece of cotton fabric that I soaked in water and applied liquid acrylics and fabric paints. I realized that I needed to go really dark and saturate the color because once it dries it is fairly pale. I used metallic gold fabric paint and watered it down to add some nice shimmer. You can see in the 2nd photo that is is sparkling. This is when I took it outside to dry and continued painting it as it dried. You can see how much the paint color faded already. Next thing I am going to do it decide on which fabrics I want to use in the collage and start fusing them to the background and get ready for sewing. More progress pictures coming soon.

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Juliet Morgan said...

Wow! you are very talented also! I love your work. I always wanted to be a painter myself. Kathleen is married to my dad, you know? Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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