Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last Minute Gifts

This is sort of a last minute project, but I just found out that we are visiting my sister in law tomorrow and its her birthday so I am making her a handbag. I am making 2 of them. Crazy, I know. One for my shop and one for a gift. Also spoke to my sister in San Diego this morning and its her birthday today (what's with all the birthdays?!!!) Anyone else? so she has gone through my shop and selected her favorites and I am making her a bag.(Late of course) She like the latest bags with the leather flowers. That'll keep me busy:) I could keep very busy with family but this really does happen only a couple times a year. I feel very fortunate to be able to make my own gifts. I think that they appreciate it much more because it is handmade. Here is a progress photo of one of them. I am making the buckles right now. I chose this fabric because she wears jeans a lot and it is a very casual looking fabric. It reminds me of carpet a little bit because of the high loops and texture but it is soft and has bright stripes thoughout so it is very summer. I am using distressed tan leather although this bag would look so cute with yellow buckles and handles. I will have to be finishing up my fabric collage later but I am hoping to add one bag to my shop before the 4th, so I'd better get busy!!

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