Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hurry Up and Grow

The first bloom appeared on my sugar snap peas today and that means only one thing:) ....Peas will be arriving real soon. Everything is starting to take off and things in the garden are looking good. This has been the easiest thing to grow so far. I am having a problem right now with something eating my sunflower tops and making all my zinnia flowers leaves look skeletonized. What a waste! I am not too happy about this. That is the very reason I started growing and planting excessively. I don't use pesticides so not everything survives and to avoid too much disappointment I grow more than I need and it has been working out so far. Once the plants get a good size, the pests usually don't bother them anymore. Its this in between stage when everything is tender that they get chomped and I wish they would hurry up and grow!

Whats happening with my latest project? Well, I applied stitching around the bird and I am beginning to sew around each leaf now. It is progressing slowly but I am hoping to get much more done tonight.

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