Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Black

I have another excuse to start digging through my black scrap leather bin:) I am making a custom artist wrap for someone and will need some larger pieces to make up the inside pencil slots.. But what I am really excited about right now is that I am making myself a bag and one for my shop too! The bag I have been wanting to make is all black with black flowers, I know it may seem like a bit much black, but I do love it ! I wear jeans a lot in the winter so black is just so perfect for me. Hopefully there is also someone else out there that likes black as much as me and will buy it:) So here is a photo of the black foundation which is black vinyl and a nice pile of scraps that I have pulled and the basic idea now is to start cutting out petals in different shades and textures of black leather until I come to something I like. This may take a while because I am making 2 of them. I am still carrying around a bag that I made back in 2004 so its time for me!

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