Monday, July 21, 2008

Goals for tomorrow

Still making progress. I would like to have this bag ready tomorrow sometime. Right now I am sewing around each circle one at a time and fraying the edges a little. This process takes a long time but is necessary to keep the fabric from unraveling too much. This is the first piece that I have done using the microfiber fabric and raw edges. This is the softest fabric ever!! and washable! You can see the texture in the photo. I am going to work on a couple more ATCs tonight . I joined an ATC swap today and need to complete 2 ink and watercolor style of the subject of my choice. I am not sure about swapbot? Does anyone else use that site and how do you like it?

Something I was reminded of today is that I need to get started on my palchemy challenge. It is due by the 31st and I have been putting it off. I have an idea of what I am going to make so that will help. Here is a photo of the big pile of junk that I am going to make something beautiful from. This is for my Palchemy Challenge. The rule is to make something with a bunch of junk that your partner sends you. I was paired up with who is a very creative artist.

Here are a few photos of the junk I sent to her and the awesome art she created with them. My favorite is the way she made the flowers!! Beautiful work. So now the challenge begins for me!

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