Saturday, July 12, 2008

Etsy Shop Changes

Playing around with some plaid fabric and some blue upholstery and buttons. Not sure what is going to come of it.. still thinking.

I made some changes to my Etsy shop. I opened another shop called uniquebargains where I will be moving most of my older and lower priced items and will be using my beadsinatwist for right now as my main handbag shop with my more recent work. To make things even more confusing I will be eventually moving my beadsinatwist shop to Why am I doing this? Well when I joined Etsy I didn't realize that you cant change your username and beadsinatwist doesnt really say what I do so I am risking losing all my hearts eventually and moving over but it will be a better name. This may be a slow process but it will happen.

Went to Pops on the River tonight which was great! I love broadway music. Big crowd. Is was nice to hang out with friends and meet some new people. The weather was perfect. Lots of people in the river staying cool tubing and kayaking.

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