Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Focused Bees

I took these amazing photographs of a bee and bumblebee in my garden this morning. I just love how focused they are and how they know just what they need to do. They remind me a lot of myself:) how they just dive into their work completely. Its beautiful!!! I need the therapy of the garden in between my projects. It keeps me sane. The winter time is another story. I just love this time of year. Its like a big explosion of color in July!!!

The flowers are just equally beautiful. I guess you have to have the flowers to have the bees, right. I love to take close ups, that is what my itty bitty camera does best:) The pink flowers to the left are Godetia and I was lucky enough to see at least 3 of these bloom. They look like tissue paper flowers-so fragile. You never know when you plant seeds what will show up. Its always a surprise and I love the waiting and the suspense. The spider flower is one of my favorites with its long shoots coming out from each center. I will plant these every year from now on.


Luiz Ramos said...

Beautiful taken.

Luiz Ramos said...

Thanks. You are welcome.
Where flowers are hummingbirds will be there. said...

Yes I am hoping to get some great hummingbird photos this year.


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