Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A few things

Had a nice bike ride on the Truckee River this morning before the temperature was too high. Its about 100 right now. Today I am finishing up on the other handbag I started before the 4th. Right now the outside is complete and I am now making the liner with pockets which is being made with a soft tan microfiber. When the liner is in place I will be adding the handles etc. and posting it in my shop. I am hoping to finish up by this evening, although other projects around here keep distracting me from what I want to be doing. My sister in law loved her bag. She was still using the one I gave her in December, so it was time for a new bag!! It's fun to see all the entries for the handbag giveaway. I was thinking that I'd like to do another giveaway and use the remaining entries ( the names left over after drawing the winner) for another giveaway in January for the New Year. I know that it is a little far ahead but I need that time for planning. The end of the year is always super busy for me. Well back to work.

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