Thursday, July 10, 2008


Another hot afternoon. Staying cool inside and finishing up on the bag. Almost done. I mean it this time!!! I have been busy busy busy. I made a trip to my favorite fabric store and only went in for buckles and left with much more than I planned on buying. I need supplies and its good to stock up , but sometimes I get a little carried away:) Its all going towards specific projects, but still. With the price of travel right now, I am trying to avoid multiple trips. I have been having to drive about 3 hours per day for activities all week so I am trying to do a little better planning.

Its very smokey and hazy out today as you can see in the photos. Just got back from a trip to the garden and found some yummy sugar snaps. The chamomile smells nice and my strawberries are finally blooming. After 3 years, I decided to move them hoping they would do better in the new spot. And my favorite mini multi-branching sunflowers are finally needing to be staked so I am happy about that. The bugs are still eating everything but the good news is that I have seen a ton of ladybugs this year. Ok, back to work.

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