Friday, June 27, 2008

Heavenly Lavender

I realized that today was really the last day for harvesting lavender, since they are now beginning to bloom and so I spent over an hour cutting bundles to hang and dry. I like to make eye pillows with flax and lavender for gifts or just have the lavender around when I need some cheering up in the winter.
Here are some photos that I took today and a very cool spider just waiting to pounce on something.The smoke finally cleared up today so I was able to get outside and do a little exercise and gardening. I planted some more sunflower seeds so that I have them all season. I also moved about 30 zinnias to a different flower bed. I love color so much that I tend to overcrowd and try to get as much as I can into a small space. I plant lots of seeds, because I have critters that eat everything too!
Here is a photo of what my garden looks like now with the little sprouts coming up and a picture of what it looked like last year. . By mid summer it will be amazing! Great for pictures. I discovered that the hummingbirds like zinnias but I didn't get a chance to take any good photos so this year I am hoping to get some great shots. I love the Cleome (spider flowers) too - they are one of my favorites!!!

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