Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Resources From Nature

I wanted to share a little about how I came up with the pattern for this bag. You already know I love flowers and that seems to be my theme lately. I thought about using a real rose for a template and used one of the petals for an overall outline, of course realizing that I could not use too many petals due to the thickness of the leather so I settled with 2 layers and made the flower fairly large because I wanted to have that impact. After cutting the petals and rearranging the 2 flowers I had cut I realized then that I needed more. More flowers!! So here I am cutting more and I am going to cover the bag in them, making for more of an arrangement and making more of a statement. I love these leather flowers so much that I am going to continue exploring them and making many bags in different styles and possibly add some accessories like leather brooches and wristlets.
Here is another progress photo. I had to stop and take a break as my hand was starting to cramp after all the hand cutting. I plan on finishing up this bag this afternoon. Here you can see I took a rose from my garden and traced it making it slightly larger. What a concept....using things right in your backyard and from nature to use as resource!

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