Saturday, June 21, 2008

I ran out of painted leather so I had to make more, and while waiting for that to dry I decided to work on something else. I am not sure about these colors but I thought I would try it out and see. I will be cutting more leather flowers, this time in a dark teal and yellow. Tomorrow I should be making more progress on the purple and yellow bag

Another thing I found are these 2 printed canvases of the Truckee river in winter with snow. These were color proofs from a previous job my husband photographed and installed for a big company in town and I asked him if I could have them. I was thinking of making a bag out of it but not sure yet how well it will sew, so looks like I will be experimenting. So far I have cut them apart and have sewn up the middle but its really thick stuff. I may have to get different machine needles. Anyone ever sew canvas with the machine and know about needles? Maybe I need a smaller needle so it doesn't leave big holes?

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