Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yesterday I spent the day securing large wooden stakes to the perimeter of my garden and then stapling bird block around the posts. This is just temporary as I plant seeds and allow the seedlings a chance to grow. I have lots of critters around her that love to nibble all the plants I try to grow. Especially the quail. They love sunflowers and also enjoy my delphiniums.
As soon as the plants are strong and have a good head start I remove the posts and netting and add water dishes to the garden for the wildlife. Today I discovered a bunny making a best in my honeysuckle up against the ties on the side of my house. She is a tiny thing. I gave her some help by breaking up some old coconut liner and lint from the dryer and left it where she could grab it. It was so cool watching her build her nest. I put some chicken wire around the bush to deter the neighborhood cats from bothering her and her babies. Snakes love it here too. I have seen a baby rattlers, garden, gopher and racer snakes in my yard so far. One year a was running frantically trying to save some baby birds from 2 gopher snakes in my yard. Unfortunately one of them was not so lucky, but I saved 2 of them and within 2 more days they learned to fly and left the nest. Nature is an interesting thing. I got the opportunity to witness racer snakes mating a couple of years ago. There is always something going on in my yard.

I have been working on a new custom bag. It is a beautiful flax linen color and I am accenting the bag with blue ostrich printed pig skin leather. I am so excited about this bag, I think it will be beautiful! I am so fortunate to have some of the best custom orders . They are always so much fun and I learn so much from them. It challenges me to try new styles and add custom things like zippers and decorative hardware. Cant wait to share it here with you when its finished.

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