Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rainy Day

Still raining. Glad that I got my plants in the ground - they must love this weather.
I saw Bowfire last night in concert. They were so amazing! I have always had a interest in tap dancing. It just feels like something I was born to do; piano too. I should give myself some lessons soon. The subject seems to always come up so maybe its time to pay attention to it.

Today I am continuing work on the custom bag I have been working on. Its almost ready. I am just about ready to start working on the tassles for the pockets and show them to my client and we will decide to either add them to the bag or leave them off. My goal is to finish the bag today so I am looking forward to posting more photos here of it completed. I am also looking forward to working on some other projects I have started on. I woke up this morning with more ideas fresh on my mind and ready to work. There is nothing like a rainy day Saturday to be inside and work. Its harder when its sunny and warm and all you want to do is be outdoors so it is the perfect situation for what I want to accomplish today.

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