Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting Dirty and Planning The Garden

I decided to take a look at my compost and see if it was ready today. Wow! It looks good. I have been composting for a couple years now and its great! I loaded up about 5 wheel barrels full and added it to the garden. Then turned it into the existing soil and lightly water it. I had a blue jay join me and he just had a feast finding all the grubs in the soil. I think its so awesome that I have a natural insect control. I really enjoy the fact that I am doing my green part in this world. I like to be able to provide the wildlife with real protein and I am so surprised every year at the new insects that make their home in my backyard. Last year I found so many new beneficials like lacewings, ladybugs and praying mantis. Hope to get some new incredible photos of them this year. I love macro photography. I love to capture the details of the tiniest creatures and make them look life size. Its amazing!

Some photos that I took in my garden last year
1st row L to R (crab spider eating tachnid fly, ladybug larvae eating aphids,lacewing)
2nd row L to R (snakefly hunting for aphids , ladybugs mating on my roses, beetle)
3rd row L to R (bumblebee on thyme, stink bug eggs on my roses, dragonfly)

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Joyce said...

Beautiful photos - I a real fan of macro photography.
Love that bag you just finished too.


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