Friday, April 11, 2008

Custom Leather Folio

I am working on a custom leather folio for one of my alchemy clients. I am having a lot of fun with it which I am surprised. I wanted to take the job because it would be challenging for me. I knew I could do it. I like to figure out how things go together. For the frame I took 1/16 inch sintra and I cut it and the spine to form the shape of a binder. After duck taping the whole piece I then took the spine and cut it into strips and taped them back together to form a soft rounded edge.
I used super spray adhesive to then line it with cotton batting making the tape un noticable through the leather which will be surrounding the outside.

Right now I am on the paper holders for the left hand inside section, which will be constructed today. Last night I finished the pen loop and the paper insert slit which is reinforced with a contrasting leather. My client liked a similar design I had on one of my iPod Cases and requested this pattern for the front cover. Its coming together a little at a time, but am very happy with it so far.

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