Saturday, March 29, 2008

Around the Garden

When I first got my camera last year I had so much fun getting close ups of flowers every chance I had. This was taken in Colfax California at my in laws house. I am not sure what this flower is. If you know, please write me with the name. I think its St. Johns Wort. Not sure though.
A photo I took of some small flowers from the garden last summer.
I placed them on enamel tiles so that it had a nice background and some reflection. As the summer days get closer I am starting to think about what flowers I will grow this year. This is always a big production. I love color!! Can never have enough flowers!
I found these insects everywhere on my lavender and rose plants last year. I think they are called snakeflies. I love to capture the insects close up in their environment and it makes me feel good that I am not spraying them with poisons. They are too beautiful to destroy. Besides that, they are eating all the bad bugs and saving my plants so that is another reason to love them!

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