Friday, March 28, 2008

Lots of Work in Progress

I have been so busy with custom orders I have not had much time to finish anything new. 4 custom orders are in progress and I have managed to squeeze in a couple of new creations. I have two big bags lined up ( you can see in the photos) a hint of what they are going to be.
One bag is made of white and black vinyl and I used markers to just doodle a design onto. That was a different experience. I usually draw on paper and use a pencil and can erase. This was done with a permanent pen so I could not erase my mistakes. Whatever went down had to stay there. No room for mistakes. The girl is naked. Yes. My husband was very quick to point that out, thats funny. She is surrounded by flowers under a big tree. The sides of the bag will be laced with black or white suede lacing and handle attached.

Then I am doing a fun and colorful one that I think will be accented with brown leather. I have not quite decided yet.

This black patterned one is a humongous bag I am working on for a very dear client of mine. It is going to be fabulous! The biggest bag that I have ever created! They are all still in the working stages but just thought I would share something since I haven't been posting much lately.. I'm busy busy busy..

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Beth Norman said...

Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous. You do wonderful work!


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