Thursday, January 3, 2008

Improving Your Skills

I am starting to see my skills improving and I amazed at all the things that I have learned by just following a simple pattern. Just with the few clothes that I have made for my kids and other simple things has helped a bunch. I think this is very important for someone who wants to get better at sewing. As I have become better at understanding the patterns and the way things are put together and the steps, I become more on my way to becoming a good designer. I can start to look at things and know how they are put together. Sort of like a puzzle. I can now make my own patterns and if I see something that I don't like, I just leave it out or add it so it becomes my own creation. So I wanted to share a few snapshots of me putting together one of my cases and it amazes me in picture number 3 at how the whole construction depends on this one little part. The cases are so small and this step gets difficult to get underneath my presser foot with all the cotton batting. Its so cool to see the unraveling of the whole thing and what looks like a big mess all of a sudden becomes this beautiful creation.

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