Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good Company

Last night I spent a few hours with a very talented group of ladies in our art quilting group get together that we have once a month . I always leave inspired and in total amazement. Each one of us does unique work and it really the combination that makes for a lot of fun. The sharing is such a fun thing to do. After a nice dinner we sat around the room and each shared what we've been working on. Its funny how I am the only one who make handbags and when I do have an art quilt to share its always in non traditional upholstery fabric with so much texture. I love texture and I have been collecting some really high end fabrics so it is fun to make it work when I can.
We have a quilting challenge each month to work on an bring to share with the group. It is always based on a theme or idea. There are ladies that put in so much handwork with beading and embellishments, its so neat to see it all up close and touch the work. Not something you can do in a show. I love the whole handmade thing. To touch the work and be able to see the stitches on the backs of the work. You can feel the love and time that the person put into the work . It makes you appreciate handmade so much more than something store bought.
Well, I can just go on with all that for ever.
So what I am working on today is another large bag. I was sad to see my new orange and brown one go so fast but happy all the same. It has gone to a very good home in Florida.
So I have to make another one. Different fabric of course.

This one will be inspired by the bag I made for myself on Christmas. I actually gave myself a gift! I am always making for others and never have one to show. I love my bag. Here is a picture of my purse and the fabric that I am going to use for the new one I make today.
I love the rich colors of red purple and the black cherry leather. It is so awesome.
So, Off to work I go. Fun, fun, fun, I get to do may favorite thing.

Cutting up the fabric. For some reason this picture doesn't really show that colors that well. The first one is a better representation of it and you get to see the black cherry leather.
Its so soft and and beautiful. Reminds me a lot of Valentines Day.
Maybe I will add some hearts on a chain for accents kind of like the one I did for myself with a mixture of leather and fabric.

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