Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leather Mosaics

Armed with a nothing but a hand full of black and light yellow leather scraps, a bottle of glue and a piece of raw silk fabric, I am challenging myself to create a piece of art today. This one reminds me of the mosaics that I've done in the past and puts the itty bitty pieces to good use. When I first began laying the pieces down I was going to do a mixture of black and light yellow, then decided that it looked better with just black. I wasn't even going to originally have the raw silk upholstery background part of the whole,I was planning on covering the entire piece, but things just sort of developed on their own. Now that I have everything in place its time to start glueing. Stay tuned.... I hope to post the completed piece by tonight. The funnest part will be sewing around all the little pieces.

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