Thursday, January 7, 2010

Progression on Work

I have no idea where this one is going! I am playing with it at the moment. It was going to originally be a large zippered case but I suddenly changed my mind this morning and decided to make it a tote bag. I can do that, right:)! I added 2 more feathers, randomly found room for them; hopefully it will all work out. The only real problem with doing a reverse applique is cutting away so much of the vinyl, that it does lose its foundation and strength. With a little stabilizer behind the work, it should do the trick and when I get to the stitching this also does a lot for strength too. Things have been slow going today, didn't start work till after noon, as I have many New years resolutions to attend to as well. So far things are going very good. Received an e-mail from my mom and she wants a peacock case, so I began to work on that one as well. There is time for everything!! Balance is the key isn't it?

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